Indian Education

Who is Indian Education
EPSD - Indian Education represents 26 different tribes with our 274 identified Native American students.  The diversity of our Native American population is unique, and our tribal affiliations lend and enrich our capacity for multi-cultural growth ad understandings.  Primarily, our goal is to collaborate and partner with our two adjacent pueblos, Ohkay Owingeh and Santa Clara.

These two pueblos, and their ever present contributions to the rich culture and history of the Española Valley, have and will continue to provide our students, as well as their own, the opportunity to grow together with the Española Valley.

In Addition, we have a vast network of community partners.

What is Indian Education
In simple terms, Indian Education aims to utilize the student's community and cultural experiences to create connections to their education.

Indian Education aims to:
  • Ensure the maintenance of Native Languages.
  • Provide opportunities that positively effect the educational success of Native American students.
  • Ensure partnerships with tribes and local community stakeholders.
  • Ensure that culturally based methodologies are developed implemented and utilized in conjunction with local tribes.
  • Encourage and foster parental involvement.
  • Develop and maintain cultural competencies to ensure all relevant Indian Education programs are sustained with EPSD.

The Española Public School's Indian Education Department's mission is to provide a culturally-appropriate and responsive educational experience, while providing a quality education for the capacity and sustainability of our Native American students and their tribes, while providing and strengthening community, cultural relations, and understandings within the Española valley.

Our Vision is to:​
  • Increase community awareness and engagement
  • Collaborate and create partnerships with local tribes
  • Enhance cultural awareness and understanding
  • Create meaningful, purposeful and relevant educational opportunities for Native American Students

Indian Education Department Systemic Framework

Indian Education Department Systemic Framework.pdf

History of Indian Education Act Video

Video (NMPED)

Veronica War-Montoya
Indian Education Director

405 Hunter Street
Espanola, NM 87532
(505) 901-2746
[email protected]

Veronica Ortiz
Indian Education Specialist

[email protected]
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