Human Resources

The Mission of the Human Resource Department is to serve as a source of information and expertise in employment, benefits, compensation, equity and compliance, and employee relations for the employees of the Espanola Public School District, enabling them to better serve our students. The Human Resources staff is available to assist current and potential employees in any way possible so the children of
EspaƱola Public School District receive the best possible education.

As you can expect of an organization with about 5,000 students, and nearly 700 employees, we are always seeking new employees for our positions. Current vacancies are updated according to availability and are listed on-line at  

Summer Lunch Program

This message is to inform you that the summer lunch program for Abiquiu, Chimayo, Velarde and Dixon has been extended for an additional week and will continue through August 7th for students at the school sites and within the community.
All other EPS sites were already scheduled to continue throu… read more

2015-2016 School Uniform Dress/Supply Lists

Elementary School SitesAbiquiu ElementaryAlcalde ElementaryChimayo Elementary Dixon ElementaryEutimio T. Salazar Elementary Hernandez Elementary James H. Rodriguez ElementaryLos Ninos Kindergarten CenterSan Juan Elementary Tony E, Quintana Elementary Velarde Elementary
Se… read more

Elementary/PreK Registration

Career Opportunities with Espanola Public Schools

Velarde Elementary Community Meetings

Velarde Meeting Scheduled: June 22, 2015

Notice : for June 12 Special Board Meeting

Budget Development Presentation June 8, 2015

Notice : for June 10 Work Session and Special Board Meeting Amended

Registration 2015/2016

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All staff must be fingerprinted for a background check and completed a drug test before they are employed as part of the hiring process.

Confidentiality and Privileged Use Statement

Any and all information relative to employee/student information is privileged and confidential. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information by an employee who has access to employee/student information by computer or any other means may result in the Espanola Public Schools being held culpable under the federal guidelines of the Right to Privacy Act. It is imperative that any disclosure or use of employee/student information be limited to approved, authorized use.

By signing the Accountability Form, I understand that all information regarding
employee/student gained through the performance of my duties is privileged and
confidential. I also understand that failure to comply with confidentiality and authorized use of any employee/student information for any purpose or failure to safeguard and protect confidential information may be grounds for disciplinary action including termination.

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    Contact Information

    714 Calle Don Diego
    EspaƱola, New Mexico 87532

    Phone: (505) 753-2254
    Fax: (505) 753-4699


    Collective Bargaining Agreement

    2014-2015 CBA FINAL.pdf
    2013-2014 CBA FINAL.pdf

    Employee Handbook

    Alcohol Use by Staff Members
    Drug-Free Workplace
    E.P.S. Video Surveillance Policy
    Employee Assistance
    Evaluation of Professional-Support Staff Members
    Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff Members
    Grievance Procedure
    Non-Medical Use or Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol
    Non-School Employment by Professional-Support Staff Members
    Procedures on Inclement Weather-Utility Outages
    Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars
    Professional-Support Staff Voluntary Transfer of Accrued Sick Leave - Sick Leave Bank
    Staff Conduct with Students
    Staff Dress Code
    Staff Duties and Responsibilities Related to Sectarian Doctrine in a Public School
    Staff Participation in Political Activities
    Staff Personal Security and Safety
    Standards of Professional Conduct
    Statement of Ethics for School Employees
    Support Staff Workload
    Time Clock for Educational Support
    Tobacco Use by Staff Members
    Tutoring for Pay
    Workers Compensation

    Substitute Handbook

    Alcohol Use by Staff
    Alternative Education Program
    Drug-Free Workplace
    Part Time and Substitute Employment
    Professional & Support Staff Sick Leave
    Sexual Harassment
    Staff Conduct
    Staff Conduct with Students
    Staff Dress Code
    Staff Ethics
    Staff Personal Security & Safety
    Student Conduct
    Student Discipline
    Tobacco use by Staff
    Worker's Compensation

    Board Reports 2013-2014

    SPA April 30 2014 1.pdf
    SPA March 31, 2014.pdf
    SPA February 28 2014 ..pdf
    SPA January 31 2014..pdf
    SPA December 31 2013.pdf
    SPA November 30 2013.pdf
    SPA October 31, 2013.pdf
    SPA September 30 2013.pdf
    SPA August 31 2013.pdf
    SPA July 31 2013.pdf

    Board Report FY13 May.pdf
    Board Report FY13 April.pdf
    Board Report FY13 March.pdf
    EPS Board Report FY13 February.pdf
    Board Report FY13 January.pdf
    Board Report FY13 December.pdf
    Board Report FY13 November.pdf
    Board Report FY13 September.pdf
    Board Report FY13 October.pdf
    Board Report FY13 September.pdf
    Board Report FY13 August.pdf
    Board Report FY13 July.pdf

    Board Reports 2012-2013

    2013 May/June.pdf
    2013 April.pdf
    2013 March
    2013 February
    2013 January
    2012 December
    2012 November
    2012 October
    2012 September
    2012 August
    2012 July

    Board Reports 2014-2015

    EPS Board Report FY14 July.pdf
    EPS Board Report FY14 August.pdf
    EPS Board Report FY14 September.pdf
    SPA July 31 2014 1.pdf
    SPA report August 31, 2014.pdf
    SPA September 30 2014.pdf

    Staff Calendars 2014-2015

    2014 2015 School Calendar.pdf
    2014 2015 12 Month Calendar.pdf

    Staff Calendars 2013-2014

    EPS 200 Day Calendar 2013-14.pdf

    EPS 205 Day Calendar 2013-14.pdf

    EPS 220 Day Calendar 2013-14.pdf

    EPS 230 Day Calendar 2013-14.pdf

    EPS 260 Day Calendar 2013-14.pdf

    Espanola Public Schools - School Calendar 2013-2014.pdf

    Salary Schedules 2014-2015

    2014-2015 Instructor Salary Schedule 2014-2015.pdf
    2014-2015Admin Assist support staff 1415.pdf
    2014-2015 Instructors Salary Schedule.pdf
    2014-2015 Internship Schedule.pdf
    2014-2015 Instructor RTW.pdf
    2014 2015 Support Non Certified Staff.pdf
    2014 2015 Bus Drivers and Assistants.pdf
    2014 2015 Administrators.pdf
    2014 2015 Certified and Licensed Trades.pdf
    2014 2015 Cooks.pdf
    2014 2015 Extra Curricular Activities.pdf
    2014 2015 Instructional Support.pdf
    2014 2015 Interscholastic Activities.pdf
    2014 2015 Librarian.pdf
    2014 2015 Nurse.pdf
    2014 2015 Off Schedule Educ Assistants.pdf
    2014 2015 Off Schedule Instructor.pdf
    2014 2015 Office Managers Matrix.pdf
    2014 2015 Principal.pdf
    2014 2015 Secretaries Matrix.pdf
    2014 2015 Social Worker.pdf
    2014 2015 Substitutes.pdf

    Salary Schedules 2013-2014

    Instructors I, II, III.pdf
    Instructors Intern.pdf
    Instructors Off Schedule.pdf
    Instructors RTW.pdf
    Instructional Support.pdf
    Medicaid Billing Manager.pdf
    Office Managers.pdf
    Social Workers.pdf
    Specialist 220 Days.pdf
    Educational Assistants.pdf
    Educational Assistants-Grandfatherd.pdf
    District Secretary .pdf
    Counselor 202 days.pdf
    Cerified and Licensed Trades.pdf
    Bus Assistants - Bus Drivers.pdf
    Assistant Directors.pdf
    Admin Assist I 230 Days.pdf
    Admin Assist II 230 Days.pdf
    Admin Assist I 260 Days.pdf
    Admin Assist II 260 Days.pdf
    Admin Assistant III.pdf
    Extra Curricular Activities.pdf


    Leave Form fillable 20132014.docx

    ERB updates

    Stakeholder Presentation Sept 2013.pptx